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Online Client Portal

Everything at the tip of your fingers!  Check current policy status, Driver list, vehicle list, Endorsements, payments, and the ability to send Certificates of Insurance

After Hours Availability

You are running a business.  That means your days may not always end at 5, and you may have an insurance need.  What if it's late Thursday evening and you just found a last minute load that needs a  Certificate Issued?  Or it's the weekend and you need to add a vehicle or make a payment?   Whatever your after hour need may be, We are here to make sure your request gets processed.

SMS Monitoring

Each motor carrier with FMCSA has a carrier safety rating.   Believe it or not, these ratings can impact the pricing of your insurance policies.  We monitor these safety ratings, and will alert you when you have had something negative show up 

Self Service Certificates

Gone are the days where you had to wait hours, even days, for your agent to send out a Certificate of Insurance (COI).  Even though we are here to send them for you, you also have the ability to issue your own from your client portal.  Any time, any day.


Our Process

We gather your information for quoting

We get it.  You are looking for 2 things to fulfill your insurance needs:  Low pricing and great service.  

We combine the best of both worlds.  We quote your renewal every year with all of our companies we write with, making sure we find the best price available.

That, paired with our around the clock availability and quick response time is what makes us Top Shelf.

We quote your account

with multiple companies

We supply you with the best possible quote

Our Process

Ready to Quote?

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